Video Transcript: Am I at Risk for E. coli?

Hi my name is Elliot Olsen, I’m a foodborne illness attorney based in Minneapolis. I handle foodborne illness cases all over the country, we’re here to talk about one of those foodborne illnesses, E. coli. We’re at risk when we eat, for example, ground beef. We’re also at risk in getting it from petting zoos, especially young children, where they might come in contact with the hide of an animal that’s got the feces of another animal on its hide. So it’s certain kinds of food, you know like especially the beef products, and petting zoos. And of course petting zoos are going to be especially dangerous for young children. What I hope you’ll do is that you’ll visit our website, and get some other questions that you may have answered about E. coli. Then certainly please pick up the phone and call us. I’d be happy to talk to you about your E. coli case. Again, I’m an attorney with national experience in this area and it’s very important to hire an expert, and I look forward to working with you. Thank you.