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An Oklahoma resident was hospitalized Sunday after a Grady County home explosion.

According to an official with the Grady County Fire Department in a Facebook Live video that was posted shortly before 6 p.m., a house in south-southwest Chickasha exploded after a propane leak.

The person conducting the Facebook Live said he would not reveal the address of the home explosion.

Grady County home explosion:
Propane leak in basement

The official said propane leaked into the basement area, where a hot water heater ignited the gas and caused an explosion.

One person was inside the house at the time of the explosion, the official said. At this time, that person is thought to have suffered injuries that are not life-threatening.

Grady County home explosion sends one to hospital with burn injuries

An Oklahoma resident was hospitalized Sunday after a Grady County home explosion. … In Brookings, S.D., Robert Fryer was identified as the victim of an explosion last Thursday.

Brookings home explosion:
Dead victim’s identity released

Police in Brookings, South Dakota, released the name of the man who was found dead after last Thursday’s home explosion. Assistant Police Chief Derrick Powers identified the victim as Robert Fryer, 56.

Powers said investigators still are looking into the cause of the Brookings home explosion. Authorities, however, have indicated they believe it may have been caused by mechanical issues inside the house involving natural gas.

Brookings home explosion:
What happened Thursday

The Brookings Fire Department was called out just before noon Thursday to 618 Sixth Avenue for an explosion and “active structure fire.”

“It’s all under investigation at this point, but we believe it was an accident,” Fire Chief Darrell Hartmann told a reporter for the Brookings Register the day of the explosion.

Brookings home explosion:
Fire battled from outside

Hartmann said he arrived at the scene shortly after the call had gone out. “We did have a heavily involved structure fire,” he said. “When I did my search around the building, did have a portion in the back blown free.”

Hartmann said that because he did not know the structural integrity of the house, firefighters battled the fire from the outside.

“Once we got it pretty well under control, sent crews in all levels,” Hartmann said. “Once we got the smoke lifted, we did find one fatality.”

Brookings home explosion:
Mechanical malfunction probable

According to Hartmann, the initial explosion was at the back of the house.

“Talking to the agents, it appears we had some type of mechanical (malfunction) in the basement on the natural gas line,” Hartmann said. “It started filling at least the basement structure and found an ignition source, and that was the explosion and the seat of the fire.”

Brookings home explosion:
40-plus firefighters respond

About 42 firefighters were on scene; none were injured, Hartmann said. Apparatus brought to the fire included engines 1-5, ladder, tower, and rescue trucks.

Brookings Ambulance also was there for support of the firefighters. Law enforcement was doing traffic control.

Indianapolis tanker explosion:
Good Samaritans to the rescue

Fire and emergency teams responded last Thursday to a tanker truck explosion and large fire on the east side of Indianapolis, where Interstate Highway 70 meets Interstate Highway 465. Officials said a semi tanker hauling 4,000 gallons of jet fuel overturned and dumped fuel on the ramp.

Indiana State Police said the driver of the semi escaped from his truck and was pulled from the flames by good Samaritans.

“Without question, those good Samaritans saved this driver’s life,” Indiana State Patrol Sergeant John Perrine said.

Perrine said the driver was alert and conscious when he was taken from the scene to a nearby hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Indianapolis Fire Department arrived on scene and controlled the blaze.

The ramp finally reopened around 3 a.m. Friday.

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