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    UPDATE, JAN. 20
    The Chicago Tribune reported that Jimmy John’s said in a statement it would stop serving sprouts “after an investigation in the last 24 hours indicated that sprouts purchased from two growers in Minnesota … could be linked to seven food safety complaints received over a one-week period in December in Illinois and Wisconsin.”

    In fact, the CDC reports that the outbreak has affected eight people from three states: Wisconsin (5), Illinois (2), and Minnesota (1). Epidemiologic evidence indicates that sprouts served at Jimmy John’s restaurants are the likely source of the multi-state outbreak.

    Jimmy John's sprouts

    A multi-state outbreak of Salmonella illnesses has been linked to Jimmy John’s sprouts.

    A multi-state outbreak of Salmonella illnesses is being tied to Jimmy John’s sprouts used on sandwiches, numerous news services are reporting.

    The outbreak is being investigated by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Two Illinois residents reported becoming sick on Dec. 20 and 26 of last year.

    Officials said they believe the source of the Salmonella cases were from sprouts used at multiple Jimmy John’s locations.

    The IDPH has requested that all Jimmy John’s restaurants remove sprouts from their menus until the investigation is finished.

    If you have developed symptoms of Salmonella after eating Jimmy John’s sprouts, contact your health-care provider, as well as your local health department. In addition, please contact experienced attorney Elliot Olsen for a free consultation (612-337-6126).

    Jimmy John’s sprouts linked to Salmonella

    Symptoms of Salmonellosis – the disease caused by Salmonella – include:

    • diarrhea
    • vomiting
    • abdominal cramps
    • headaches
    • muscle aches
    • chills
    • fever
    • nausea
    • dehydration.

    Symptoms usually appear six to 72 hours after ingesting the bacteria. Most Salmonella illnesses resolve on their own, but if symptoms get severe, hospitalization might be necessary.

    Salmonella bacteria live in the intestinal tracts of mammals. Infection can occur when an infected person’s feces from unwashed hands contaminate food during preparation.

    Jimmy John’s sprouts on hold

    Jimmy John’s officials announced they have told all locations to stop serving sprouts as a precautionary measure.