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Sojourner Drilling employee Jorge Martinez died Sunday after an explosion in rural Jones County, Texas.

Martinez was power-washing the heater of a battery-oil tank near FM 1812 in Noodle, about 27 miles northwest of Abilene, when something caused a combustion and sent him crashing into a nearby vehicle. He sustained burns on nearly 60 percent of his body.

Martinez was taken to Hendrick Medical Center before being flown to a hospital in Lubbock. He died from his injuries soon thereafter.

Jorge Martinez dies in explosion:
Autopsy scheduled, sheriff says

Jones County Sheriff Danny Jimenez said his office received word of the explosion at about 10:15 a.m. and immediately sent a deputy to the scene.

Although Sheriff Jimenez said he did not know Martinez, Jimenez said he sends his condolences to the Martinez family. “I feel for his family, his co-workers,” the sheriff said.

Martinez’s body will undergo an autopsy, Jimenez said.

Jorge Martinez dies in explosion:
Several agencies are investigating

Sojourner Drilling officials have so far declined to comment on the explosion.

The Texas Railroad Commission is investigating the blast, as are oil and gas regulators.

Jorge Martinez dies after Sojourner Drilling explosion

Sojourner Drilling employee Jorge Martinez died Sunday after an explosion in rural Jones County, Texas. Martinez sustained burns on nearly 60 percent of his body; he died after being flown to a hospital in Lubbock.

Iredell County ammonia leak
kills one, injures one other

Officials said a subcontractor was killed and another worker was hurt after being exposed to anhydrous ammonia in Iredell County, North Carolina. The leak happened at about 2 p.m. Friday at Lineage Logistics (3776 Taylorsville Highway) in Statesville, a little more than 40 miles due north of Charlotte.

Hazmat crews are continuing to monitor a cold storage warehouse days after the deadly ammonia leak.

Investigators identified the worker who died in the accident as Anthony Lamattino of Woodstock, Georgia.

Iredell County ammonia leak:
Both victims in freezer unit

Anhydrous ammonia is commonly used in food preparation because it rapidly dehydrates things.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if inhaled, anhydrous ammonia can cause nausea, vomiting, and burns to the mouth, throat, and stomach. If the chemical comes in contact with the skin, it can cause severe burns when combined with water in the body. Prolonged exposure can be deadly.

The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office said both men were working on pipes in a freezer unit when the chemical leak happened.

Iredell County ammonia leak:
Both victims in freezer unit

Dozens of people could be seen outside the building Friday as crews in hazmat suits investigated the warehouse. Crews also appeared to have set up treatment areas around the building for anyone who was exposed to the anhydrous ammonia.

Channel 9 learned that officials gave families the option to evacuate, although those families later were told it was OK to return home. On Sunday, officials said air monitoring outside the plant showed levels were safe.

Iredell County ammonia leak:
Chemical smell in the air

One resident told reporter Genevieve Curtis of Charlotte’s WSOC-TV that she was starting to get a headache, so her family decided to leave the area.

“They said we didn’t have to go, but it might be better for us and the dogs,” Catherine Ciro told Curtis. “I wasn’t so happy about it, but I was getting dizzy from the smell.”

There was an odor in the air that smelled like chemicals, Ciro said.

Iredell County ammonia leak:
OSHA investigators on scene

It’s unclear what caused the leak, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating.

“(Anhydrous ammonia) does flash-freezing of chicken products, so … (it) is used in that production of freezing the chicken,” said Karyn Yaussy, with Iredell County Emergency Management.

According to OSHA, the Statesville location does not have any inspections on file, but officials said the agency does not do regular inspections on refrigerator services.

Iredell County ammonia leak:
Company fined in 2016

WSOC reported that OSHA issued a citation in 2016 at the company’s location in Texas, for “safety failures that exposed workers and community to serious dangers of anhydrous ammonia.” The company was fined $58,000 for that oversight.

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