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    The Old Town La Luz Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado, is under investigation in a Salmonella outbreak, the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment reported.

    There have been six confirmed Salmonella cases – and several more awaiting confirmation – linked to the Old Town La Luz. At least five victims have been hospitalized.

    According to the health department, La Luz owners have been helpful in trying to pin down what led to the Salmonella outbreak. The owners said they were worried about the safety of staff and customers, and they are working to prevent more cases.

    “Finding the origins of a Salmonella outbreak is hard to track down,” health department spokesperson Katie O’Donnell said. “Unfortunately, there are no rapid tests.”

    La Luz has closed for further notice until more about the outbreak is known, the health department said. The restaurant is at 200 Walnut Street A in the Old Town section of Fort Collins.

    Old Town La Luz: statement on Salmonella

    The health department released a statement about Salmonella food poisoning aimed at anyone who has eaten recently at La Luz. The statement read:

    “Salmonella are bacteria that can cause infections affecting the intestinal tract, urinary tract, bloodstream or other body tissues. Salmonella is often spread to people through food consumption. The bacteria can be found in many food items including raw meats, eggs, produce. Salmonella can be spread through people who are sick who handle food. Some people who are infected are asymptomatic and can spread the infection unknowingly.

    “Symptoms may include, diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting and bloody stool. Symptoms typically appear 6-72 hours after eating contaminated food and will usually last for 4 to 7 days. In severe cases, the symptoms may last longer or require hospitalization.”

    If you’d like to report concerns or illnesses about this possible outbreak, click this link.

    Old Town La Luz linked to Salmonella outbreak

    The Old Town La Luz Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado, is under investigation in a Salmonella outbreak in which six people have been sickened, and five of those victims hospitalized.

    Old Town La Luz: the timeline

    The health department began receiving complaints about the Old Town La Luz on August 17. After further investigation, the department issued a news release on August 21.

    Other La Luz-branded locations are at 140 E. Boardwalk Drive in Fort Collins and 1518 Madison Ave. in Loveland. They, however, have different owners than the Old Town location and are unaffected by the outbreak.

    Health department officials conducted a routine inspection of the Old Town La Luz on the 17th, and they rated the kitchen as “fair” while citing a number of temperature violations and observing multiple flies in the kitchen. A follow-up inspection on the 21st showed that the location had corrected those violations.

    The Old Town La Luz was cited as “unacceptable” in its previous routine surprise inspection in January 2017, when it was cited for temperature and cleanliness violations.

    Old Town La Luz: more on Salmonella

    Salmonella bacteria produce an illness called salmonellosis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that about 1.2 million Americans are sickened by Salmonella yearly, and 1 million of those cases are due to contaminated food. Approximately 23,000 victims will need to be hospitalized, and about 450 of them will die.

    Salmonellosis complications
    People most at risk for complications from salmonellosis are the very young and the very old, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems.

    Complications occur when Salmonella enter the bloodstream. Those complications can include:

    • meningitis: inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
    • endocarditis: infection of the heart’s inner lining, usually involving the heart valves.
    • osteomyelitis: bone inflammation that usually targets the legs, arms, or spine.
    • reactive arthritis: also known as Reiter’s syndrome, a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in response to a Salmonella infection in another part of the body.