No amount of money can make up for the pain and loss experienced by many of our clients, although it can alleviate the financial burden. Siegel Brill attorneys have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries on behalf of their clients.

$4.5 million

for a young woman with a severe kidney injury from consuming contaminated meat. The multimillion dollar settlement helped pay for the client’s significant medical costs. It also helped alleviate the concern about future earnings.


for a young boy who sustained a debilitating kidney injury resulting from contact with contaminated animals at a petting zoo.


for an elderly woman who sustained debilitating kidney and lung injuries resulting from contact with contaminated animals at a petting zoo.

Millions of dollars

for children with kidney injuries sustained from consuming contaminated food.


for a victim who suffered severe injuries after consuming contaminated raw oysters.

More than $2 million

for victims of a Listeria outbreak after they ate tainted cantaloupe.

More than $500,000

for victims of sexual abuse at the hands of their therapists.

$1.2 million

for a woman rendered quadriplegic when her vehicle struck a cow that had strayed onto the roadway.


for the family of an elderly woman killed by the negligence of a grocery-store chain.


for the family of a woman who died after the negligent administration of anesthesia.


for the family of a man who died after developing a surgical-site infection.


for the victims of administration of bacteria-tainted injections.

$3.5 million

for a motorcyclist who was struck by a commercial carrier, resulting in the loss of a leg. The millions recovered for the client helped pay his significant medical costs, and helped alleviate the concern about his loss of future earning capacity.

$2.1 million

for a young boy whose meningitis was misdiagnosed, resulting in injuries that will limit him forever. At the conclusion of a four-week trial, the recovery obtained will compensate the boy for a future loss of enjoyment of life.

$7 million (approximately)

for a family involved in an aviation incident in which one family member died and two others were injured. After extensive litigation, the case was resolved and the family received a multimillion dollar settlement.

$4.5 million

for the family of a man killed after the plane he was piloting crashed. John discovered that a faulty part in the engine was responsible for the accident. As a result of this product liability/wrongful death claim, John was able to secure a significant settlement for the loss of support and relationship for the family.