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Explosions occur far too frequently in the United States.

They’re simply – and unfortunately – unavoidable. Set a Google alert for “explosion,” and watch as your inbox is inundated with updates.

Here is a look at two recent explosions in California:

Sacramento gas stove explosion
puts homeowner in hospital

From Fox40 News, Sacramento: A Sacramento gas stove explosion sent a man to the hospital over the weekend.

Rolando Muñoz was preparing breakfast Saturday morning when the explosion happened, said his fiancée, Joanna Fraire. “I was standing behind the wall and I [saw] the kitchen on fire,” she said, “and I was just in shock and I was scared.”

Fraire said she has spent most of her days at UC Davis Medical Center while Muñoz recovers. “I’m still in disbelief,” she said.

Sacramento gas stove explosion:
Home purchased recently

Fraire said Munoz was cooking bacon in the oven when suddenly “it was like a big explosion.” She said the gas stove exploded, causing a fire that damaged parts of the kitchen in the couple’s newly purchased home.

“First thing I did was run to him and make sure he’s OK,” Fraire said.

Fraire said she drove Munoz to the hospital, where she said medical staff wrapped his wounds before discharging him. A short time after being discharged, however, Fraire said Muñoz began to complain about aches and pains.

“I just knew he wasn’t OK, his family knew he wasn’t OK, so we rushed him [to the hospital],” Fraire said.

Muñoz is currently in the intensive care unit with second-degree burn injuries over 36 percent of his body. The burns are on his arms, stomach, back, neck, ears, and the left side of his face.

Sacramento gas stove explosion:
Muñoz on the mend

While fire officials are investigating, Fraire said she is thankful Muñoz is on the road to recovery.

“Thank God he’s stable, thank God he’s still here with me,” Fraire said. “Because if he was just a couple of feet in front of the stove, or closer to the stove, I don’t know how he would be right now.”

Family members have set up a GoFundMe for Muñoz’s recovery.

Sacramento gas stove explosion hospitalizes homeowner

A Sacramento gas stove explosion sent homeowner Rolando Muñoz to UC Davis Medical Center with burn injuries over 36 percent of his body. Muñoz was preparing breakfast Saturday when the explosion happened, said his fiancée, Joanna Fraire. “I was standing behind the wall and I [saw] the kitchen on fire,” she said, “and I was just in shock and I was scared.”

Murrieta home explosion
caught on security camera

From, Murrieta, California: A Ring home security camera captured the exact moment that a ruptured gas line killed a construction worker and destroyed a house last week in Murrieta, California (video with link).

The video camera, positioned on the porch of the destroyed home, captured the scene as a portion of the house was blown apart during the July 15 explosion.

Murrieta Fire and Rescue deputy chief David Lantzer said crews initially responded to the home in the 23500 block of Wooden Horse Trail near Spicewood Avenue at 10:57 a.m. due to a ruptured gas line. Southern California Gas Company crews arrived at 11:23 a.m. to being repair work on the line, but at 12:10 p.m., an explosion occurred, Lantzer said.

The day after the explosion rocked the neighborhood, several residents were still blocked from entering their houses.

SoCalGas officials identified Wade Kilpatrick, 31, as the man killed in the explosion. Kilpatrick was a lead construction technician, and he had been with the company for 11 years, according to Christine Dietz, a spokesperson for SoCalGas.


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