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Fires and explosions are responsible for making headlines around the country daily, if not hourly. It’s unfortunate but true.

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Here is a sampling of headlines from two recent home explosions:

Wasatch County explosion
injures woman

From Gephardt Daily, Feb. 16: New details have been released after a home explosion that critically injured a woman on Feb. 15 in Wasatch County, Utah.

The incident started just before 7 p.m. Friday night in the rural Timber Lakes subdivision, about eight miles east of Heber City.

“The female with her four children had arrived at the cabin to spend the weekend, and as she entered through the garage, she noted a gas smell and entered the home to check it out,” a statement from the Wasatch County Fire Department read. “The children remained in the car. After several minutes, there was an explosion. The neighbors heard the explosion and noted flames coming from one side of the home.

“Two male neighbors arrived and heard the woman calling for help and found her trapped under a beam. They were able to lift the beam off of her and pull her out to safety.”

Wasatch County explosion:
Home in flames

Fire crews arriving on the scene found the home fully engulfed in flames.

“They began fighting the fire in defense mode from above the home with the aerial apparatus, as well as with hose lines from several points surrounding the structure,” the fire department statement read..

“The severe storm that had been forecast hit as crews were working the fire, with heavy snow and wind causing low visibility and extreme road conditions. Wasatch County Fire has several four-by-four (trucks) that remained on the scene, and other units were released.”

Wasatch County explosion:
Work through the night

A crew remained on scene during the night.

“The woman was treated at the scene, and EMS was informed that air transport had been grounded due to the storm,” the statement read. “The patient was transported to Heber Valley Hospital suffering from burns and trauma from the collapse of the structure, and later by Life Flight ground transport to Salt Lake City.”

The Wasatch County Fire Department statement thanked those who assisted: “Thanks to the heroic neighbors, the Timber Lakes maintenance crews, and the snow plows who all worked so hard to keep the roads open and accessible for us.”

Big Rock explosion
leaves 1 man injured

From WQAD-TV, Feb. 18: One man was injured with severe burns after a home explosion in Big Rock, Iowa.

The explosion happened in the middle of the night on Sunday (Feb. 17), according to the fire marshal. At about 2 a.m., first responders were called to the home in the 31000 block of Big Rock Road.

Twenty-four hours later, the house was still smoldering.

“It blew every window out of the house, it blew the doors out of the house. I mean, he flew out, flew over right by the pool table there – or that’s no longer there,” said Kirk Meyer, brother of the injured man.

Big Rock explosion:
House engulfed

Kirk Meyer said that by the time he pulled up to the house, it was completely engulfed. “There’s absolutely nothing there,” he said. “Everything they had is burned up.”

Meyer’s sister-in-law, Becky Meyer, had to jump from her bedroom window to escape the house in which they had lived for more than 15 years. Her husband, Kelly Meyer, was in the basement.

“He went down and checked the furnace and he said next thing I saw was like a fireball and I stood up and started running out the door and it blew up,” Kirk Meyer said.

Big Rock explosion:
2nd-, 3rd-degree burns

Becky made it out without a scratch on her, but Kelly Meyer is suffering from second- and third-degree burns.

“Up around his neck, obviously his head and ears, the tip of his nose it all got burned and his lips are pretty well burned,” Kirk Meyer said.

After being transported to Genesis East, Kelly Meyer was airlifted to a hospital in Iowa City.

“It’s going to be a pretty long road of recovery for the kid, but he’ll be alright,” Kirk Meyer said.

Big Rock explosion:
GoFundMe page

Before he visits his brother in the hospital, he’s setting up a drop-off spot for clothes and other household items. “The stuff he had in that house, it’s just stuff that can all be replaced,” Kirk Meyer said. “You can’t replace my brother.”

A GoFund Me page also was set up for the couple (link).

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