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Kentucky State Police confirmed that there were two deaths in a Wolfe County home explosion Saturday.

Investigators said six people were inside at the time of the explosion, which then started a fire in the home on Harvest Church Loop Road in Campton. Four people escaped, although troopers said some had burn injuries. Officials said they do not know the condition of the people who survived the fire.

Two bodies were removed from the debris Sunday morning. The bodies were found in the basement of the house.

“We hate the situation, and we feel for the family members,” said Bret Kirkland, a Kentucky State Police sergeant. “We’re just happy that with all the debris, all the water, all the damage to the house that we could find bodies in the house.”

Troopers have not identified the deceased, although they did say that the four people who escaped were all members of the same family.

Wolfe County home explosion:
Gas smell reported before blast

Marcus Stephens, the Wolfe County Emergency Management director, told LEX 18 TV that dispatch received two calls from someone in the home complaining about the smell of gas before the blast. Stephens was unable to give an exact time line of events.

The smell of gas apparently lingered, because dispatchers later received a second call from the home, according to Stephens. At that point, dispatchers notified the Campton Volunteer Fire Department and Hazel Green Volunteer Fire Department.

Stephens said firefighters were en route to the address when the explosion occurred.

Wolfe County home explosion kills two

A Wolfe County home explosion Saturday resulted in the death of two of six Kentuckians inside. The identities of the deceased have not been released. Officials said the four others in the house, all members of the same family, sustained minor burn injuries.

Wolfe County home explosion:
Gas company responded first

According to Stephens, employees of a gas company responded to the home after the first call to dispatch. It is unclear what they determined.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the explosion. Investigators requested that gas company employees shut off gas in the area, and line technicians are expected to check the main gas line and conduct readings of individual meters.

Wolfe County home explosion:
Second blast to affect area

Saturday’s blast happened nearly four months after a highly publicized and deadly pipeline explosion in Lincoln County, about an hour west of the area. One person died, five others were injured, and multiple homes were destroyed in the Aug. 1 explosion in Lincoln County’s Moreland community, which lies between Junction City and Hustonville.

A National Transportation Safety Board report on the Lincoln County pipeline explosion stated that the rupture released about 66 million cubic feet of natural gas and ignited, causing the death, injuries, and property damage. The natural gas transmission lined is owned and operated by Enbridge, a Canadian multinational energy transportation company based in Calgary, Alberta.

The report went on to document that five homes were destroyed, 14 others were damaged, and 30 acres of land were burned, including land that was home to Norfolk Southern railroad tracks. In addition, a nearly 34-foot-long section of pipeline ejected and landed about 500 feet southwest of the rupture.

The pipeline that ruptured was placed into service in 1957, had an electric flash-welded seam, and was coated with coal tar. The company didn’t designate the area where the rupture occurred as a “high consequence area,” and company officials said it had performed inspections of the pipeline geometry last year and this year. Enbridge also performed an in-line inspection in 2011 to evaluate pipeline material properties.

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